Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Texy's Blessing

TexyAnn Bryn Zazueta

We had a busy weekend on June 27th and 28th. We had TexyAnn's Blessing and Taryn's Birthday. We had my grandma and grandpa Anderson down as well fro the events. It was a great weekend and everything turned out so well. Here are a few pictures from the Blessing!!

We had Bishop Flemming, my dad Keith, and my Grandpa Anderson that were in the circle.

TexyAnn was so happy after she had gotten blessed. We all fetl God there and it was great!!

Taryn's Hair Do for Bday

Well i had found a site that has tons of hair styles for little girls. So i went thru adn found one that i wanted to do fro Taryn"s hair for her 4th bday. Here is the site taht i used:

And here are the pictures of Taryn's hair:

Taryn's 4th TinkerBell Bday

Well my baby girl, Taryn just turned 4. On June 28th. I cant believe i have a 4 yr old. I dont know what im going to do when she goes to Kindergarten. I think ill go insane. But anyways here are a few pictures from her bday.

This is waht MiMi got her for her bday. A Tinkerbell Jeep!!!!!! Tyvor wanted a ride so he jumped right on!!

Doesn't Taryn and Tinkerbell look like sisters???

Friday, May 29, 2009

Grandpa Mike passed away :(

Ok i dont know how to deal with this. This is my mothers real father. He was active in my moms life up until about 10 yrs ago. So i was 13-14 yrs old. Then my gpa's new wife(not my mothers mom) decided she didnt want my mom to be anything of the new family. So she made my gpa stop talking to us and all my moms half brothers and sisters had to stop talking to us too. My step gma never let me talk to him or even see his new great grandbabies. So i find out this morning from my mom, who found out from one of her half brothers that my gpa past away last night from heart failure and blood clots in his lungs and a bunch of other stuff. So my mom tells me and i cant stop crying. I was really close to him and even when his new wife wouldnt let him talk to us i would try calling his cell and have like 5 min conversations with him once a month to just see how he was. And let me tell you this, we moved aways form him 11 yrs ago, we moved to Texas and he was in Utah where my mom is from. And i moved back to Utah about 4 years ago. and tried my hardest to see him and keep in contact with him. I hadnt seen him in over 6 yrs so i had no clue what he looked like, i mean yeah he was older so he wouldnt change much but he had been sick and we knew it so i didnt know how much it had affected him.Well one day when i was at the pharmacy in walmart i saw a guy that i thought looked like my gpa. Well he was 2 ppl ahead of my in the line to get medicine and i stood there behind this guy for a good 10 minutes and debated with myself weather or not to ask this guy if he was Mike(my gpa's name). Well i finally just said Mike and he turned around. OMG!!! It was my gpa, i was so happy and we got our medicine and then stood in walmart for a good 30 mintues just talking and hugging each other. He finally got to see 2 of his great grandbabies( one wasnt born yet so he doesnt know what my youngest looks like, which i regret but i couldnt do anyhting about it since my youngest is only 4 months old and havent been back to utah in the last 5 months.) And i remembered today that i had taken a picture of my gpa with my two kids that he did get to meet. So i went searching all over my computer to find it and remembered that it was a picture that i had taken with my camera phone. I was gettin really worried that i had deleted it off my phone or lost the phone that i had with them on it. But i finally found it and i printed it out and put it on my new phone and put the picture as my new screen background on my computer. But anyways when my mom called me this morning and told me about it, this time when i saw him just kept replaying in my mind and i still cant get it out of my head. Along with all the memories that i have of him and i just out on his farm feeding horses and riding four wheelers. I am feeling really sad that he is gone and cant even have phone calls with my kids like i did with him. I cant even call him anymore and have the 5 min calls to just see how he is. At least i know that he isnt in pain anymore and is in heaven with our heavenly father. My gpa was a great man but did have his flaws like all ppl. But i love him for the years that i had with him. Sorry this is a ramble i just dont have anyone to talk to about this and i feel i can share with you mamas. This is also hitting me so hard because this is the first really close family memeber to me that has past away. I havent had to deal with this before. I am kinda regretting not spending more time with him. I feel like he has lost out on so many things since passing away. He had so many great ppl that love him.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry havent been around in awhile!!!

Well we havent been around fro a bit cuz we have been quite busy around here. Between Jez's work threatening to strike, Easter, kids growing up and just life in general. I have come to realize "How do i do it?"

I dont know how i keep my knitting up, the house cleaned(for the most part), kids all fed and bathed in a timely manner, food ont eh table, our marriage together and happy and life. Man its a hectic job being a mom. I couldnt imagine bringing a job into all this.

But as for the kids, TexyAnn is now 11 lbs and 23 inches long and hasnt stopped crying all day long, i think she is teething. But she is doing great and eating well. Tyvor, i just noticed that he has all 4 two year old molars coming in. Ya so we are oging thru tetthing fun here, NOT!!! Although Ty hasnt really had any pain or else is not showing it since Texy is showing all of hers. But he is doing really well with teeth. Ty is growing up to fast, he is my littel man and shouldnt be growing this fast. I feel like i am missing out on his life since Texy has come around. But we will have our bonding moments, kinda like the other night when i went up to bed and he followed me and watned to snuggle with me to go to sleep. I didnt think he would stay there and snuggle but sure enough he did and i lvoed it. Didnt want jez to take him to his bed cuz i just wanted to snuggle with him. LOL Oh wait i have another kid to talk about too. Taryn, well she is a typical 3 yr old, peeing her pants, tattling, lying, sneaking food off(she gets fed three meals and 2 snacks daily), not picking up toys(her room looks like a torando went thru it, no joke i should take a picture). But me and her have our moments and we need to work on them. She is exactly like me and thats going to kill our relationship in teh long run but i am trying to work with it and fix things with her. We will figure this out and move on.

A for Jez and I, well we are doing good. Jez is working all the time and i am trying to keep the house up and running. I HATE bills, but who doesnt. Bills, Bills, Bills!!!!! Thats all i ever see in the mail now a days. But we are trying to figure out days to take for ourselves. Movie night and date night. But we are doing really well and loving it.

Hope everyone else is doing ok and getting thru this horrible economy. Love you all and hope to hear from you soon.
Here is an easter cake that i made:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Want this Tattoo!!!!!

My best friend(Al) and i had been talking about this tattoo for awhile and i finally had him draw it up. So he drew up a great picture(i will get a picture of it later) and then he took off and drew it on ym foot where i wanted it. I LOVE how it turned out. He did a great job and is an awesome drawer. I didnt know he could draw but man is he talented.

We have to make a few adjustmetnst to the tattoo but its only to elongate the body adn make the head a little different. But i am super excited about it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New family addition!!

Well i tried to make a juice drink my blender and it didnt turn out to swell so i went and bought a juicer and it came last night so i was determined to make soemthing this morning. But here is our new addition. My new Juicer!!!! I am so in love with it.

It juices very well and keeps the foam out of the drink when you pour from teh measuring cup.

Friday, February 27, 2009

What i havet o deal with now!!!!

Well my darling son Tyvor lovest o climbon stuff and dosent know how to stop, even if its movable. So here are few pics to entertain your self with LOL

Then this is how we find Taryn almost every night cuz she jsut stays up with us till we go to bed but she falls asleep on the couch a majority of the time. So one night we kinda woke her up and asked her to go to her bed. So she got up walked aorund our love seat and then started to head up the stairs but didnt make it to the platfrom before she was out again and couldnt make it up the stairs. LOL Its so cute.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok since i haven't updated in awhile due to the new addition to our growing family. But here is a little about each of the kids and how they are doing.

Taryn Bryn, 3 yrs

She is now 3 yrs old and will turn 4 the end of June. She is already excited to have her birthday and wants a Tinker Bell party. She has been into Tinker Bell since we got her the movie for Christmas. So she went and bought the Tinker Bell fairies at the Disney store with her money she when she listens and picks up her toys and room.

My little girl that i use to have is now all grown up and thinks she is as big as mommy and daddy. She has an attitude to go with it too. She has also been doing her school work on the computer with a program that we got her for Christmas, the Cool School. She loves to play it everyday. She got the Dora and Diego cartridge and the Clifford the big red dog cartridge to go with it. It teaches her her numbers, ABC's, colors, and many other things like seasons, etc. Jez also bought her 2 computer games that are Dora the Explorer. She loves to play those all the time too. It also teaches her her numbers and letters, colors, etc. Taryn surprised when we were in Dallas and just started to sing her ABC's all the way thru. I tried to teach them to her when she was about 2-2 1/2 and she would sing A,B,C,D, H, I, J and then would stop and so i tried my hardest to try and tech them to her the right way but it never worked so i just let it go and figured i would teach her when she got a little older.
But other than learning and acting like she is 13, Taryn is a great girl and is very smart. She cant wait to start school either. She always talks about her teacher and the friends that she will make. We have also talked about starting a dance class for her. She is HUGE on cheerleading and wants to do that so bad just like her Aunt Madison. So we will be starting a dance class in March. I was suppose to start her This month but we had the baby and got distracted. LOL But she is excited and cant wait to start.

Tyvor Victor, 17 months

Wow where to start with him. He got his first tooth when we went to Dallas. So he was about 14 months old. But since he got his first tooth he has gotten 4 on top and 3 on bottom. He still doesn't talk to this day. He says one word, BALL. He is obsessed with footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and especially baseballs. He loves to throw them at anyone and everyone that will pay attention to him. But when throwing comes, he will throw anything and sometimes he doesn't realize that it will hurt someone if he throws that object.

Tyvor is really isn't interested in the TexyAnn. So he doesn't get very much interaction with her like Taryn does. But today he was all lovey dovey with her and wanted to give her kisses all the time. And when TexyAnn cries, Ty will go running to where she is and start yelling to get my attention so that i know that she is crying. I think its the cutest thing he does. He is worried about her deep down inside.

Other than running around and getting into the regular trouble that a 17 month old boy gets into he is doing well and loves to bug is bigger sister to hell. They have had the worst of fights lately. He has learned how to pull her hair when she is not being to him. The first one was cute but since then it has just been timeouts and alot of talk to them to get together.

TexyAnn Bryn, 2 wks 2 days

Wow the third kid. I never thought i would have 3 of them but here we are we love her to death. She was born at 39 wks 4 days into the pregnancy. We were planning a homebirth after 2 c-sections. And we had no complications thru out the pregnancy so we were all good to go and excited for it to happen. Once 37 1/2 weeks came, i was ready fro her to be here and started to have contractions.

So January 12th rolls around and i started to have contractions that started 7 min apart and at a consistent pain. So i was getting excited and couldn't wait. I had had the support from my Husband and one of my friends in Idaho who had had her own homebirth and was right there fro me and to help me thru any questions that i had. So i would have my phone with me anywhere i went and if i had forgotten it, i would make Jez go back home for it so that i could contact C(my friend in Idaho).

Ok so back to January 12th, it was all starting at about 6 pm if i am remembering correctly. They were consistent at 7 min apart and i was getting excited. I would only feel the contraction if i would lay on my right side. so i was stuck to the couch watching TV. So i was on the couch all night except when i had to pee(which was every 20 min). And also to make dinner and get things cleaned up. So by the time i went to bed around 10 i was up to 2-3 min apart and still a consistent pain from the contractions. So i was getting really excited and anxious for this baby to come. So we head off to bed and i was having contractions still and thought i would get some rest.

Well i fell asleep and never woke up till morning, well except to pee a few times. But the contractions went away and never came back.

So a few days go by and then i got contractions again the same way as the 12th. They came around 8-9 pm and went away once i fell asleep to rest. Well these come to find out Braxton Hicks contractions continued for 2 weeks. Till i finally got really upset and started to question if i could have a natural birth. So i called the doctors office on the 26th and scheduled for the c-section on the 28th of January. So the 26th and 27th i tried everything i could to make my labour start. I took castor oil , EV oil pills and many other methods to get my labor going. Well nothing worked. So the day came for the scheduled c/s and i was kinda disappointed. But at the same time excited to finally have my little girl here.

So we got up and got ready to go to the hospital for the c/s and on the way to the hospital i had realized that i forgot my purse and therefore my license and any kinda identification. So i had Jez drop me off at the hospital and he went back to the house to get it. Well i had to be at the hospital at 6 am and jez dropped me off at 5:45 and then didn't get back to the hospital till almost 6:45. But anyways we got everything done and were waiting for the c/s to start. We finally got taken in at 7:55 and she was born at 8:15 am with her cord was wrapped around her feet and then up to her belly and then her neck. So we found out that the way the cord was was probably stopping her form coming out and that's why my contractions kept stopping. But we also found out if she would have been born naturally that she would have choked herself from her cord wrapped around so many spots. But she was born healthy and weighing 7 lbs 10 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. Well we went into recovery and sat in there till 11 AM cuz the hospital was so full of moms that they had to discharge some moms before we could get our room. So i had them bring in TexyAnn to me in the recovery as soon as they could. And she never went back to the nursery fro anything. The nurses kinda hated me for that but oh well its my kid. LOL Well our stay in the hospital was pretty decent. We had some stupid nurses towards the last night but i just told them not to come back to send the other nurse in.

A week later when we went to the doctor for Texy and found out that she wasn't really 20 1/2 in long. She was 19 1/4 in at the doctors office so she was no where close to 20.5 in. long at birth. Unless she shrunk 1 1/4 in. in a week.

But since we got home from the hospital everything has been good and the kids are getting use to her being around.

Jez & Bryndi

Well as for the parents of these amazing kids. Jez has been back to work since the birth and is loving his job. He has been exhausted the past few weeks cuz he works from 7 am till 8-10 pm. He is suppose to get off at 4:15 pm every night but since he installs TV service it may go alittle later and they are really busy since they just launched here in El Paso. But he loves his work and loves to come home to his family and a nice dinner. LOL
As for me, i am in the process of knittin a trade with another mom. She is converting some diapers for me and i am knitting her some longies(pants) and a few hats. I love to knit so its not a bug to me at all. I have also been knitting TexyAnn some headbands. Check out my knitting blog.(http://gbryndi.blogspot.com/) I also am loving cooking and have started to help my uncle with some healthy recipes for his site. So i am getting a bunch of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner all put together and needing to get my calender all set up too. You can also check out my recipes that i will post on my food blog. (http://bryndiscocina.blogspot.com/) Since my life has changed alot in the last month. Its been a bit hectic but were getting use to it and hope to get set into a schedule and get Taryn into dance.
Thank you for reading and i hope to update this thread a little more often.

Friday, January 30, 2009

TexyAnn Bryn

We just got home from the hospital and are settling to being a family of 5. Holly shit!!! 5, thats a huge family. Considering i never wanted kids. LOL But here are a dew pics of our newest addition.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last 5 months of our lives.

OK well i guess i will tell you a little about wahts been going on in our lives since we have decided to move back to El Paso in May of 2008. We moved down here with a job lined up for my DH and when we got down here there was no job for him. So we had to move into an apartment that was to small for our family of 4. So my Dh just transfered his job from a Wal-Mart distribution center to a Sam's Club that payed 3/4 less than what we were getting in Utah. So we were living off of no savings and a $300 paycheck every two weeks.

Well during the months of May, June and July my Dh was job hunting like crazy and finally found a job with At&t. And in the month of June we find out we are pregnant with our third baby, due February 1, 2009. But then they told him he was hired but then said that the job didnt start till August 15, 2008. So he stuck with his job at Sam's whiel waiting to get the job for At&t. Well August 15th rolls around and my DH goes to a meeting for the AT&t job and finds out that he has to go to Dallas, TX for the next 2 1/2 months for training.

So we get out of our lease for our apartments cuz there is no way in hell i am going to stay alone with two kids in the apartmetns that we were living in. And the kids and I move in with my parents while my DH is out in Dallas for training. So DH leaves August 17th for Dallas for 2 1/2 months and were living with my parents.

Well october first rolls around and Dh tells me they are sending him to Lubbock, TX till Novemebr 1, 2008. So i make a huge decision to go up with the kids and live with him out of a hotel. So we make it up to Lubbock(a 6 hr car ride with 2 kids) and end up living in a hotel fro 2 weeks with my DH when his company tells him they are switching hotels. So we pack upa ll of our stuff and go this new(supposedly nicer hotel) NOT!~!~!~!~! We get this new hotel and let me remind you that i am now 5-6 months pregnant and have two kids to move all of our stuff to the new hotel room by myself cuz my DH had to work the day that we moved hotels. Well we get to the new hotel and i move everything from the car,( a civic packed toe h top and the trunk stuffed) it took mt 4 dolly loads to move evrything while hoping my kids were safe int eh hotel room where i kept moving things back and forth. Well i finally get everything into the room and takemy shoes off to relax and whent o go trun the cooler on and the floor is soaking wet. SO my kids had been playing in this room with a soaking wet floor and they had taken their shoes off to. So i go complain to the office and they said oh well the rain must have gotten in from last night. Well the whole floor by the window was soaking wet so they moved us to another room. Well that one was way to small for all four of us to live in for who knows how long we were going to be there. But when i had went to look at the second room i took a load of stuff with me. Well the second room was across the hotel and up a few floors. So then i have to take the load back to the first room while i wait fro them to find a decent third room for us. So while im sitting int he first room waiting for another room, the kids are playing with the football and it goes under a table and my 3 1/2 yr old goes under the table to get the ball and comes out sying, "EEWWWWWW Mommy there is dog poop under there." I reply to her by asking, "Are you serious?" And i look under the table and sure enough it was little dog poop under there. so i call the front desk againa nd let them know.

So they finally founda third room. Well my husband was off for lunch and helped me move all of our stuff to the third room and i finally got lunch made. We left the first hotel at 9 am and finally got settled into the third room at 1 pm. Well while my DH was there i said i am packing up all of the kids stuff and mine and going back to my parents house 6 hrs away. I was so discusted by this hotel i wouldnt ven stay the night there. SO i once again packed up the car and got the kids in and left Lubbock at around 2 pm. And drove back to El Paso to my parents house. This was all on October 15th. And i had to be back to El Paso for a doctors appt Oct 22nd so we stayed with my parents.

Well while we were in El Paso and Dh was still in Lubbock working, the company had told us that the guys(my DH and his co-workers) would be home by November 1st. Well a few days before Halloween roolls around and my Dh calls me and says he's coming home to VISIT! I got histerical and asked what was going on. Well comes to find out, the company is still not launching the program that my DH has been training for in Dallas in El Paso yet. They were suppose to launch November 1, 2008 but now its been postponed.So he was scheduled to come home and visit for Halloween. He would fly in Halloween night at 7-8 pm and then be here all weekend and fly back the day after voting. So we got to spend Halloween together atleast.

So my Dh went back to Dallas after voting and i had planned to Drive across Texas(12 hr car ride with two kids and 7 months pregnant) on November 7, 2008. Since i had a doctors appt November 6th. So i drive out to Dallas, TX and we end up styaing with my DH in a hotel again from the 7th of november till December 22, 2008. So we spent Thanksgiving in a hotel and didnt know if were going home or not till a few days before Decemebr 22nd. Since the company has postponed dates before. Well while out int eh hotel andother co-worker had his wife and son outthere so we became great friends and spent alot of time together. We had lots of fun in Dallas. We were actually in a hotel in the sub-burbs of Dallas and found lots of stuff to do around Dallas/Fort Worth area. We finally found out we were coming home Decmeber 22nd around the 15th of Decemebr. So we had to find a place to stay in El Paso in the next 5 days since we hadnt had a place since we broke our contract with our apartments back in August. So we started looking fro a hosue to rent and remembered that my MIL had her house up for rent and asked her to rent it. So we had a house lined up and now wer just had to figure a way to move everything from storage to the house.

Well we drive back to El Paso on Dec 23, 2008 and had to get our house put together so we could have Christmas in two days. Let me tell you how fun that was, LOL NOT!!! Especially being 34 weeks pregnant and tryingt o make sure our Christmas happened. Well everythign turned out great. We had CHristmas over at my parents house and the kids had a great time.

My house is finally put together, since im now due in 3 weeks with our thirsd bundle of joy. I am so happy that everything turned out the way i had wanted in the long run. We got moved in and are living happily and my Dh job is finally up and going we are living happily waiting for our baby.

Thank you for reading if you made it all the way thru it. It was just a bunch of rambling but that has been my life for the pst 5 months.

I love this!~!

I thought some people would like to read this since everyone thinks this will happen to me.

Ruptures are also more common than dying in a plane crash. Henci Goer’s review of the literature on VBACs found 46 ruptures in 15,154 labors. This equates to a 0.3% rate… or 1 in 333, if you prefer. Your annual risk of dying in a plane crash is 1 in 4000, according to one source, and 1 in 700,000 according to another. I can’t explain the massive discrepancy between the two figures, except to quote Mark Twain about “lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
Since you asked, here are some more probability statistics for you:
Your risk of dying in a car accident, over the course of your lifetime, is between 1 in 42 and 1 in 75. This is roughly 4 to 5 times greater than the risk of uterine rupture.
You’re about twice as likely to have your car stolen (that’s an annual risk) than to experience a uterine rupture.
Your odds of being murdered are 1 in 140 over the course of your lifetime. That’s 2 times more likely than the risk of rupture.
The annual risk of having a heart attack is 1 in 160, 2 times more likely than rupture. Your risk of dying from heart disease is roughly 1 in 6, or 55 times greater than your risk of rupture.
If you’re a smoker, your risk of dying from lung cancer is 1 and a half times more likely than a VBAC mom rupturing during her labor.
You’re about 17 times more likely to contract an STD this year than you are to have a uterine rupture; more likely to contract gonorrhea than to rupture, as well.
You’re 13 times more likely to get food poisoning than to rupture.
You’re more likely to have twins than a uterine rupture. Odds of twins: 1 in 90. That’s about 3 1/2 times the likelihood of rupture.
If you ride horseback, you’re 3 times more likely to die in a riding accident than you are to experience a uterine rupture.
If you ride a bike on the street, you are 4 times more likely to die in an accident (annual risk) than you are to suffer a rupture.
Having a serious fire in your home during the next year is twice as likely as experiencing a rupture.
You’re ten times as likely to win at roulette as you are to have a uterine rupture.
If you flip a coin, you’ll be more likely to get heads (or tails) 8 times in a row than to rupture.
The risk of cord prolapse is 1 in 37 (2.7%), or nearly ten times more likely than that of rupture.
And a final irony (heads up, those of you who want a doc to give his/her opinion on your likelihood of rupture next pregnancy!)…
You’re 6 times more likely to have a doctor who is an impostor than you are to suffer a rupture. Two percent of docs are phonies (1 in 50), according to several sources I found.
So instead of worrying about rupture, why not take a few minutes to check up on your doctor’s credentials? It’d be a more profitable use of your time, and a substantially more likely cause for alarm.

Tomorrow is the day!~!

Well i woke up this morning feeling i needed to call the doctor and schedule a c-section to have Texy. So i did just that. But ever since i have scheduled the date(1/28/09) i cant stop crying. I dont know if its cuz i am not getting what i really want, a natural homebirth. Or if its cuz i know im doing the right thing. But jsut so you all know i am sick of hearing everyones crap of how its dangerous to have a natural birth after 2 c-sections. MANY women have dont it and nothing happened. So that is nto the reason why i am going under the knife. I am doing this c-section because i am so fed up with hearing other peoples negative talk and i am sick of waiting for her to come.

I have been having contractions for the past 2 weeks every night. And nothing has happened. I have tried evrything that the researchers say to do to go into labour and stillnothin. So i am jsut so sick of waiting and trying everything.

I will post piictures once we get homeand let you know all the stats.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Car seat and Stroller

Last night(1/17/09) the family spent 8 hours going around town looking for a car seat and a stroller.

I felt like going to Target and just walking around, and seeing what kinda sales they had. Well i found a few good ones. First i was just walking around and walked to the baby section and found the stroller that we have wanted for 30% off and told my DH and he said to get it. So i was waiting fro him to get out work at 4:15 and then we would go back and get it. So i continued to walk around and ran into the knee high socks and they had 2 packs for $1.74. So i grabbed a set of each that were different. I got 4 different sets for $8. I will include pictures shortly. But the socks are going to be turned into baby legs for the new baby and for Taryn, and a couple for Tyvor.

So i went and got my DH at 4:15 and we went back to Target to get the car seat and then were talking about how we still needed a car seat fro the new baby and how my grandma was going to pay for it and how we still needed to look around. So we looked at Target and didn't find one. So we went and checked out at Target and ended up paying only $116 for a sit n' stand stroller, 8 pairs of socks, a small garbage fro the bathroom, and a few other things. The stroller alone was only $90. Which is great cuz its $130 everywhere else. But here are a few pics of the kids and the car seat that we got later that night after going to a few different stores and across town to find it in 6 hrs of looking.

Well looking fro a car seat we started at Target and didn't like any of them. So we decided to go look at Burlington Coat Factory and see what they had. My DH loved one of the Baby Trend ones that they had but we didn't like the brown color that it came in. Then we were on our way to Kmart and saw Big Lots and headed in there to see what they had. They only had convert able or booster seats. So we left there and headed to Kmart to see what they had. Nope didn't like any of those ones either. So we headed to Toys R Us close by and found the Baby Trend one there in Orange but only was sold in the travel system together. And they wouldn't sell just the car seat. So i was upset at this point. SO we decided to just go back to Burlington to get the brown one which wouldn't have matched the stroller if we ever used it together. SO we get to Burlington and ask them if we can pay with my grandmas credit card number that she had given us without the actual card and they said it wasn't possible. So we leave there and decide to drive across town(30 min drive) to Babies R Us. But before we started to drive i called over there and asked if they could do the credit card without the actual card but only the numbers. And they said yes so we took off to go look at their car seats. They had a Baby Trend that was black/grey. My DH liked the Baby Trend that was at Burlington(just not the color) so we were looking fro the Baby Trend anyways. It has a slim base and could possibly fit in between our two bulk Eddie Bauer car seats in our Civic. So we ended our night with a black/grey Baby Trend that we both liked and is neutral.

And to top the night off, Krispy Kremes had there HOT DONUTS sign on. I scared my DH while he was driving cuz i saw the sign on and he thought i was going into labour cuz i yelped so loud. Our Krispy Kremes never has the sign on so it was a rare moment. LOL So we stopped and got free donuts and 2 dozen to go home. It was a nice finish to 8 hrs of walking around and finishing off what we needed for the baby.

Opening Day

Well as many know i am 38 wks pregnant and still tugging along. I so cant wait for this belly to be gone, cuz then were done having kids. And i can finally get my body back after im done nursing. But for right now we are doing great and hoping she comes soon. But we have decided to name our newest addition TexyAnn Bryn Zazueta. We have 2 weeks left and cant wait fro her to come any day. But here is my 38 wk pregnant belly and our only son Tyvor giving her a huge and kiss.