Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Texy's Blessing

TexyAnn Bryn Zazueta

We had a busy weekend on June 27th and 28th. We had TexyAnn's Blessing and Taryn's Birthday. We had my grandma and grandpa Anderson down as well fro the events. It was a great weekend and everything turned out so well. Here are a few pictures from the Blessing!!

We had Bishop Flemming, my dad Keith, and my Grandpa Anderson that were in the circle.

TexyAnn was so happy after she had gotten blessed. We all fetl God there and it was great!!

Taryn's Hair Do for Bday

Well i had found a site that has tons of hair styles for little girls. So i went thru adn found one that i wanted to do fro Taryn"s hair for her 4th bday. Here is the site taht i used:

And here are the pictures of Taryn's hair:

Taryn's 4th TinkerBell Bday

Well my baby girl, Taryn just turned 4. On June 28th. I cant believe i have a 4 yr old. I dont know what im going to do when she goes to Kindergarten. I think ill go insane. But anyways here are a few pictures from her bday.

This is waht MiMi got her for her bday. A Tinkerbell Jeep!!!!!! Tyvor wanted a ride so he jumped right on!!

Doesn't Taryn and Tinkerbell look like sisters???