Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry havent been around in awhile!!!

Well we havent been around fro a bit cuz we have been quite busy around here. Between Jez's work threatening to strike, Easter, kids growing up and just life in general. I have come to realize "How do i do it?"

I dont know how i keep my knitting up, the house cleaned(for the most part), kids all fed and bathed in a timely manner, food ont eh table, our marriage together and happy and life. Man its a hectic job being a mom. I couldnt imagine bringing a job into all this.

But as for the kids, TexyAnn is now 11 lbs and 23 inches long and hasnt stopped crying all day long, i think she is teething. But she is doing great and eating well. Tyvor, i just noticed that he has all 4 two year old molars coming in. Ya so we are oging thru tetthing fun here, NOT!!! Although Ty hasnt really had any pain or else is not showing it since Texy is showing all of hers. But he is doing really well with teeth. Ty is growing up to fast, he is my littel man and shouldnt be growing this fast. I feel like i am missing out on his life since Texy has come around. But we will have our bonding moments, kinda like the other night when i went up to bed and he followed me and watned to snuggle with me to go to sleep. I didnt think he would stay there and snuggle but sure enough he did and i lvoed it. Didnt want jez to take him to his bed cuz i just wanted to snuggle with him. LOL Oh wait i have another kid to talk about too. Taryn, well she is a typical 3 yr old, peeing her pants, tattling, lying, sneaking food off(she gets fed three meals and 2 snacks daily), not picking up toys(her room looks like a torando went thru it, no joke i should take a picture). But me and her have our moments and we need to work on them. She is exactly like me and thats going to kill our relationship in teh long run but i am trying to work with it and fix things with her. We will figure this out and move on.

A for Jez and I, well we are doing good. Jez is working all the time and i am trying to keep the house up and running. I HATE bills, but who doesnt. Bills, Bills, Bills!!!!! Thats all i ever see in the mail now a days. But we are trying to figure out days to take for ourselves. Movie night and date night. But we are doing really well and loving it.

Hope everyone else is doing ok and getting thru this horrible economy. Love you all and hope to hear from you soon.
Here is an easter cake that i made: