Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Want this Tattoo!!!!!

My best friend(Al) and i had been talking about this tattoo for awhile and i finally had him draw it up. So he drew up a great picture(i will get a picture of it later) and then he took off and drew it on ym foot where i wanted it. I LOVE how it turned out. He did a great job and is an awesome drawer. I didnt know he could draw but man is he talented.

We have to make a few adjustmetnst to the tattoo but its only to elongate the body adn make the head a little different. But i am super excited about it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New family addition!!

Well i tried to make a juice drink my blender and it didnt turn out to swell so i went and bought a juicer and it came last night so i was determined to make soemthing this morning. But here is our new addition. My new Juicer!!!! I am so in love with it.

It juices very well and keeps the foam out of the drink when you pour from teh measuring cup.