Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last 5 months of our lives.

OK well i guess i will tell you a little about wahts been going on in our lives since we have decided to move back to El Paso in May of 2008. We moved down here with a job lined up for my DH and when we got down here there was no job for him. So we had to move into an apartment that was to small for our family of 4. So my Dh just transfered his job from a Wal-Mart distribution center to a Sam's Club that payed 3/4 less than what we were getting in Utah. So we were living off of no savings and a $300 paycheck every two weeks.

Well during the months of May, June and July my Dh was job hunting like crazy and finally found a job with At&t. And in the month of June we find out we are pregnant with our third baby, due February 1, 2009. But then they told him he was hired but then said that the job didnt start till August 15, 2008. So he stuck with his job at Sam's whiel waiting to get the job for At&t. Well August 15th rolls around and my DH goes to a meeting for the AT&t job and finds out that he has to go to Dallas, TX for the next 2 1/2 months for training.

So we get out of our lease for our apartments cuz there is no way in hell i am going to stay alone with two kids in the apartmetns that we were living in. And the kids and I move in with my parents while my DH is out in Dallas for training. So DH leaves August 17th for Dallas for 2 1/2 months and were living with my parents.

Well october first rolls around and Dh tells me they are sending him to Lubbock, TX till Novemebr 1, 2008. So i make a huge decision to go up with the kids and live with him out of a hotel. So we make it up to Lubbock(a 6 hr car ride with 2 kids) and end up living in a hotel fro 2 weeks with my DH when his company tells him they are switching hotels. So we pack upa ll of our stuff and go this new(supposedly nicer hotel) NOT!~!~!~!~! We get this new hotel and let me remind you that i am now 5-6 months pregnant and have two kids to move all of our stuff to the new hotel room by myself cuz my DH had to work the day that we moved hotels. Well we get to the new hotel and i move everything from the car,( a civic packed toe h top and the trunk stuffed) it took mt 4 dolly loads to move evrything while hoping my kids were safe int eh hotel room where i kept moving things back and forth. Well i finally get everything into the room and takemy shoes off to relax and whent o go trun the cooler on and the floor is soaking wet. SO my kids had been playing in this room with a soaking wet floor and they had taken their shoes off to. So i go complain to the office and they said oh well the rain must have gotten in from last night. Well the whole floor by the window was soaking wet so they moved us to another room. Well that one was way to small for all four of us to live in for who knows how long we were going to be there. But when i had went to look at the second room i took a load of stuff with me. Well the second room was across the hotel and up a few floors. So then i have to take the load back to the first room while i wait fro them to find a decent third room for us. So while im sitting int he first room waiting for another room, the kids are playing with the football and it goes under a table and my 3 1/2 yr old goes under the table to get the ball and comes out sying, "EEWWWWWW Mommy there is dog poop under there." I reply to her by asking, "Are you serious?" And i look under the table and sure enough it was little dog poop under there. so i call the front desk againa nd let them know.

So they finally founda third room. Well my husband was off for lunch and helped me move all of our stuff to the third room and i finally got lunch made. We left the first hotel at 9 am and finally got settled into the third room at 1 pm. Well while my DH was there i said i am packing up all of the kids stuff and mine and going back to my parents house 6 hrs away. I was so discusted by this hotel i wouldnt ven stay the night there. SO i once again packed up the car and got the kids in and left Lubbock at around 2 pm. And drove back to El Paso to my parents house. This was all on October 15th. And i had to be back to El Paso for a doctors appt Oct 22nd so we stayed with my parents.

Well while we were in El Paso and Dh was still in Lubbock working, the company had told us that the guys(my DH and his co-workers) would be home by November 1st. Well a few days before Halloween roolls around and my Dh calls me and says he's coming home to VISIT! I got histerical and asked what was going on. Well comes to find out, the company is still not launching the program that my DH has been training for in Dallas in El Paso yet. They were suppose to launch November 1, 2008 but now its been postponed.So he was scheduled to come home and visit for Halloween. He would fly in Halloween night at 7-8 pm and then be here all weekend and fly back the day after voting. So we got to spend Halloween together atleast.

So my Dh went back to Dallas after voting and i had planned to Drive across Texas(12 hr car ride with two kids and 7 months pregnant) on November 7, 2008. Since i had a doctors appt November 6th. So i drive out to Dallas, TX and we end up styaing with my DH in a hotel again from the 7th of november till December 22, 2008. So we spent Thanksgiving in a hotel and didnt know if were going home or not till a few days before Decemebr 22nd. Since the company has postponed dates before. Well while out int eh hotel andother co-worker had his wife and son outthere so we became great friends and spent alot of time together. We had lots of fun in Dallas. We were actually in a hotel in the sub-burbs of Dallas and found lots of stuff to do around Dallas/Fort Worth area. We finally found out we were coming home Decmeber 22nd around the 15th of Decemebr. So we had to find a place to stay in El Paso in the next 5 days since we hadnt had a place since we broke our contract with our apartments back in August. So we started looking fro a hosue to rent and remembered that my MIL had her house up for rent and asked her to rent it. So we had a house lined up and now wer just had to figure a way to move everything from storage to the house.

Well we drive back to El Paso on Dec 23, 2008 and had to get our house put together so we could have Christmas in two days. Let me tell you how fun that was, LOL NOT!!! Especially being 34 weeks pregnant and tryingt o make sure our Christmas happened. Well everythign turned out great. We had CHristmas over at my parents house and the kids had a great time.

My house is finally put together, since im now due in 3 weeks with our thirsd bundle of joy. I am so happy that everything turned out the way i had wanted in the long run. We got moved in and are living happily and my Dh job is finally up and going we are living happily waiting for our baby.

Thank you for reading if you made it all the way thru it. It was just a bunch of rambling but that has been my life for the pst 5 months.

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