Sunday, January 18, 2009

Car seat and Stroller

Last night(1/17/09) the family spent 8 hours going around town looking for a car seat and a stroller.

I felt like going to Target and just walking around, and seeing what kinda sales they had. Well i found a few good ones. First i was just walking around and walked to the baby section and found the stroller that we have wanted for 30% off and told my DH and he said to get it. So i was waiting fro him to get out work at 4:15 and then we would go back and get it. So i continued to walk around and ran into the knee high socks and they had 2 packs for $1.74. So i grabbed a set of each that were different. I got 4 different sets for $8. I will include pictures shortly. But the socks are going to be turned into baby legs for the new baby and for Taryn, and a couple for Tyvor.

So i went and got my DH at 4:15 and we went back to Target to get the car seat and then were talking about how we still needed a car seat fro the new baby and how my grandma was going to pay for it and how we still needed to look around. So we looked at Target and didn't find one. So we went and checked out at Target and ended up paying only $116 for a sit n' stand stroller, 8 pairs of socks, a small garbage fro the bathroom, and a few other things. The stroller alone was only $90. Which is great cuz its $130 everywhere else. But here are a few pics of the kids and the car seat that we got later that night after going to a few different stores and across town to find it in 6 hrs of looking.

Well looking fro a car seat we started at Target and didn't like any of them. So we decided to go look at Burlington Coat Factory and see what they had. My DH loved one of the Baby Trend ones that they had but we didn't like the brown color that it came in. Then we were on our way to Kmart and saw Big Lots and headed in there to see what they had. They only had convert able or booster seats. So we left there and headed to Kmart to see what they had. Nope didn't like any of those ones either. So we headed to Toys R Us close by and found the Baby Trend one there in Orange but only was sold in the travel system together. And they wouldn't sell just the car seat. So i was upset at this point. SO we decided to just go back to Burlington to get the brown one which wouldn't have matched the stroller if we ever used it together. SO we get to Burlington and ask them if we can pay with my grandmas credit card number that she had given us without the actual card and they said it wasn't possible. So we leave there and decide to drive across town(30 min drive) to Babies R Us. But before we started to drive i called over there and asked if they could do the credit card without the actual card but only the numbers. And they said yes so we took off to go look at their car seats. They had a Baby Trend that was black/grey. My DH liked the Baby Trend that was at Burlington(just not the color) so we were looking fro the Baby Trend anyways. It has a slim base and could possibly fit in between our two bulk Eddie Bauer car seats in our Civic. So we ended our night with a black/grey Baby Trend that we both liked and is neutral.

And to top the night off, Krispy Kremes had there HOT DONUTS sign on. I scared my DH while he was driving cuz i saw the sign on and he thought i was going into labour cuz i yelped so loud. Our Krispy Kremes never has the sign on so it was a rare moment. LOL So we stopped and got free donuts and 2 dozen to go home. It was a nice finish to 8 hrs of walking around and finishing off what we needed for the baby.

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