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Ok since i haven't updated in awhile due to the new addition to our growing family. But here is a little about each of the kids and how they are doing.

Taryn Bryn, 3 yrs

She is now 3 yrs old and will turn 4 the end of June. She is already excited to have her birthday and wants a Tinker Bell party. She has been into Tinker Bell since we got her the movie for Christmas. So she went and bought the Tinker Bell fairies at the Disney store with her money she when she listens and picks up her toys and room.

My little girl that i use to have is now all grown up and thinks she is as big as mommy and daddy. She has an attitude to go with it too. She has also been doing her school work on the computer with a program that we got her for Christmas, the Cool School. She loves to play it everyday. She got the Dora and Diego cartridge and the Clifford the big red dog cartridge to go with it. It teaches her her numbers, ABC's, colors, and many other things like seasons, etc. Jez also bought her 2 computer games that are Dora the Explorer. She loves to play those all the time too. It also teaches her her numbers and letters, colors, etc. Taryn surprised when we were in Dallas and just started to sing her ABC's all the way thru. I tried to teach them to her when she was about 2-2 1/2 and she would sing A,B,C,D, H, I, J and then would stop and so i tried my hardest to try and tech them to her the right way but it never worked so i just let it go and figured i would teach her when she got a little older.
But other than learning and acting like she is 13, Taryn is a great girl and is very smart. She cant wait to start school either. She always talks about her teacher and the friends that she will make. We have also talked about starting a dance class for her. She is HUGE on cheerleading and wants to do that so bad just like her Aunt Madison. So we will be starting a dance class in March. I was suppose to start her This month but we had the baby and got distracted. LOL But she is excited and cant wait to start.

Tyvor Victor, 17 months

Wow where to start with him. He got his first tooth when we went to Dallas. So he was about 14 months old. But since he got his first tooth he has gotten 4 on top and 3 on bottom. He still doesn't talk to this day. He says one word, BALL. He is obsessed with footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and especially baseballs. He loves to throw them at anyone and everyone that will pay attention to him. But when throwing comes, he will throw anything and sometimes he doesn't realize that it will hurt someone if he throws that object.

Tyvor is really isn't interested in the TexyAnn. So he doesn't get very much interaction with her like Taryn does. But today he was all lovey dovey with her and wanted to give her kisses all the time. And when TexyAnn cries, Ty will go running to where she is and start yelling to get my attention so that i know that she is crying. I think its the cutest thing he does. He is worried about her deep down inside.

Other than running around and getting into the regular trouble that a 17 month old boy gets into he is doing well and loves to bug is bigger sister to hell. They have had the worst of fights lately. He has learned how to pull her hair when she is not being to him. The first one was cute but since then it has just been timeouts and alot of talk to them to get together.

TexyAnn Bryn, 2 wks 2 days

Wow the third kid. I never thought i would have 3 of them but here we are we love her to death. She was born at 39 wks 4 days into the pregnancy. We were planning a homebirth after 2 c-sections. And we had no complications thru out the pregnancy so we were all good to go and excited for it to happen. Once 37 1/2 weeks came, i was ready fro her to be here and started to have contractions.

So January 12th rolls around and i started to have contractions that started 7 min apart and at a consistent pain. So i was getting excited and couldn't wait. I had had the support from my Husband and one of my friends in Idaho who had had her own homebirth and was right there fro me and to help me thru any questions that i had. So i would have my phone with me anywhere i went and if i had forgotten it, i would make Jez go back home for it so that i could contact C(my friend in Idaho).

Ok so back to January 12th, it was all starting at about 6 pm if i am remembering correctly. They were consistent at 7 min apart and i was getting excited. I would only feel the contraction if i would lay on my right side. so i was stuck to the couch watching TV. So i was on the couch all night except when i had to pee(which was every 20 min). And also to make dinner and get things cleaned up. So by the time i went to bed around 10 i was up to 2-3 min apart and still a consistent pain from the contractions. So i was getting really excited and anxious for this baby to come. So we head off to bed and i was having contractions still and thought i would get some rest.

Well i fell asleep and never woke up till morning, well except to pee a few times. But the contractions went away and never came back.

So a few days go by and then i got contractions again the same way as the 12th. They came around 8-9 pm and went away once i fell asleep to rest. Well these come to find out Braxton Hicks contractions continued for 2 weeks. Till i finally got really upset and started to question if i could have a natural birth. So i called the doctors office on the 26th and scheduled for the c-section on the 28th of January. So the 26th and 27th i tried everything i could to make my labour start. I took castor oil , EV oil pills and many other methods to get my labor going. Well nothing worked. So the day came for the scheduled c/s and i was kinda disappointed. But at the same time excited to finally have my little girl here.

So we got up and got ready to go to the hospital for the c/s and on the way to the hospital i had realized that i forgot my purse and therefore my license and any kinda identification. So i had Jez drop me off at the hospital and he went back to the house to get it. Well i had to be at the hospital at 6 am and jez dropped me off at 5:45 and then didn't get back to the hospital till almost 6:45. But anyways we got everything done and were waiting for the c/s to start. We finally got taken in at 7:55 and she was born at 8:15 am with her cord was wrapped around her feet and then up to her belly and then her neck. So we found out that the way the cord was was probably stopping her form coming out and that's why my contractions kept stopping. But we also found out if she would have been born naturally that she would have choked herself from her cord wrapped around so many spots. But she was born healthy and weighing 7 lbs 10 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. Well we went into recovery and sat in there till 11 AM cuz the hospital was so full of moms that they had to discharge some moms before we could get our room. So i had them bring in TexyAnn to me in the recovery as soon as they could. And she never went back to the nursery fro anything. The nurses kinda hated me for that but oh well its my kid. LOL Well our stay in the hospital was pretty decent. We had some stupid nurses towards the last night but i just told them not to come back to send the other nurse in.

A week later when we went to the doctor for Texy and found out that she wasn't really 20 1/2 in long. She was 19 1/4 in at the doctors office so she was no where close to 20.5 in. long at birth. Unless she shrunk 1 1/4 in. in a week.

But since we got home from the hospital everything has been good and the kids are getting use to her being around.

Jez & Bryndi

Well as for the parents of these amazing kids. Jez has been back to work since the birth and is loving his job. He has been exhausted the past few weeks cuz he works from 7 am till 8-10 pm. He is suppose to get off at 4:15 pm every night but since he installs TV service it may go alittle later and they are really busy since they just launched here in El Paso. But he loves his work and loves to come home to his family and a nice dinner. LOL
As for me, i am in the process of knittin a trade with another mom. She is converting some diapers for me and i am knitting her some longies(pants) and a few hats. I love to knit so its not a bug to me at all. I have also been knitting TexyAnn some headbands. Check out my knitting blog.( I also am loving cooking and have started to help my uncle with some healthy recipes for his site. So i am getting a bunch of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner all put together and needing to get my calender all set up too. You can also check out my recipes that i will post on my food blog. ( Since my life has changed alot in the last month. Its been a bit hectic but were getting use to it and hope to get set into a schedule and get Taryn into dance.
Thank you for reading and i hope to update this thread a little more often.

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